Quality in Every Detail

  1. High Efficiency HVAC
    Name-brand HVAC systems placed with sealed air ducts for optimal heating, cooling and utility cost savings.
  2. Architectural Roofs and OSB Sheathing
    Our roofs begin with OSB sheathing with a “Drip Edge” and are finished with architectural shingles backed by a 30-year guarantee.
  3. Completely Filled Wall Cavities
    Wall cavities are filled with insulation ranging from R-13 to R-19 for superior energy efficiency and reduced heating and cooling usage.
  4. R-38 Attic Insulation
    Attic insulation thickness throughout the attic helps minimize cooling and heating loss.
  5. High-Performance Windows
    Windows feature Low-E, argon-filled glass to keep homes warmer in winter, cooler in summer.
  6. Pre-engineered Roof Trusses and Floor Joist System
    This performance-engineered structural system provides exceptional support for the most important areas of your home.
  7. First Floor 9 ft Ceilings
    Enjoy spacious luxury as a standard feature.
  8. Rapid Recovery Hot Water System
    Delivers more hot water, faster, while using less energy.
  9. Quality Plumbing Components
    PEX water lines offer long-lasting durability. Moen® Posi-Temp fixtures provide perfectly balanced water temperatures, beautiful finishes
    and a lifetime warranty.
  10. Upgraded Lighting
    Enjoy the beautiful glow of high-end lighting fixtures by Seagull lighting.
  11. Programmable Thermostats
    Custom settings help optimize heating and cooling cycles, while helping reduce utility costs.

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