Owning vs Renting

Every consumer is different, so deciding whether renting or buying is best for you takes careful consideration. We have found that owning your own home may be about the same as a rental payment and in some instances even less costly. Plus with the low interest rates right now, owning is still an affordable living option.

More pros to owning include:

  • Building your own equity at about the same cost
  • Enjoying Federal income tax deductions on mortgage interest
  • No unexpected rent increases
  • Roomier, more comfortable living in the floor plan you choose
  • Space for your family to grow
  • Enjoying a sense of community
  • Lower utility bill with our energy-saving features and construction
  • More storage space or garage for your vehicles
  • The luxury of your own backyard
  • Making your own rules; you are the landlord
  • And much more

Wondering how much home you can afford? Our experts at highlands mortgage can help or start here with this easy to use Mortgage Calculator.

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