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What a perfect combination: your clients and our homes. We look forward to matching your buyers with the perfect home for them. We value the agents we work with and encourage strong working relationships. Welcome to our online Home Realtor Center Delaware. It all starts with you!

Our company policy is to pay a three percent (3%) “co-op fee” calculated on the base price of the home at the time of contract (“Quick-Delivery” homes co-op fee is calculated on the full purchase price), for all buyers who are introduced to an LC Homes community by a licensed Real Estate Agent. The Real Estate Agent’s introduction of the buyer to LC Homes New Home Sales Representative must occur on the “First Visit” to the LC Homes community, and the Broker/Realtor registration form must be completed and signed during that First Visit. “First Visit” means that the buyer has not visited the community within the prior thirty (30) days. Prior registration of the buyer by the LC Homes New Home Sales Representative voids the possibility of the broker earning a commission with respect to such buyer.

This registration is protected for a period of 30 days from the First Visit. The time period may be extended by re-registering the buyer(s) prior to the expiration date. In the event two or more real estate agents register the same buyer, LC Homes will honor the registration of the agent who accompanies the buyer to the signing of a contract that is accepted by LC Homes.

The agreement of sale will be written on LC Homes standard sales contract and LC Homes will not accept any other terms or conditions other than those set forth in the contract.

LC Homes policy is not to discount the price by the amount of the co-op commission if a prospective buyer purchases a home without a co-op agent. Highlands Mortgage is our preferred lender and has excellent financing available at all locations with extremely competitive market rates; provided, however, it is the buyer’s responsibility to obtain any mortgage financing.

We continually strive to improve our products and features. All designs, features, specifications, rules and procedures are subject to change without notice.