Happy Resident at Worthington

I just wanted to share my recent experience in purchasing my LC Home. First of all, I already knew of the high quality of LC homes because I used to live in Meritage in Newark. My nephew lives in Beaulieu in Newark as well. That knowledge played heavily in my considering Worthington. After meeting Justin, I also felt confident that I was in very good hands. Justin comes across as calm, friendly, capable, helpful, thoughtful, honest, accommodating AND very much professional. I sometimes felt badly that I would call or email him so frequently with questions, but he never made me feel that I was bothering him and even responded to me one time at 9:30 p.m. after a very busy day. I felt like Justin was a “friend” as much as a sales person. As my closing approached, I had the pleasure of meeting Dave. Then I really knew LC Homes was a “class act”. Dave, too, was very professional, friendly and helpful. It seemed he genuinely wanted me to have a smooth transition by understanding the “workings” of my new home. He was thorough and clear in his instruction and a very pleasant person in general. I particularly liked the way he spoke of and treated his colleague, Emmit. I love my new home and I can’t wait till the community is completed. Looks like it will be a great place to live! Sincerely, Sylvia H.