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Welcome to our customer care area where you can ask a warranty question, review all of your saved searches and criteria, find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions, or inquire about anything else to help in your search. We’re glad you are here, and we look forward to helping you out.

My Home Warranty

There are two main checklists we review with new homeowners upon settlement and at their one year settlement anniversary for my home warranty Delaware. The new homeowner will receive these forms at those specified times. If you have an emergency outside of that scope, please contact us today for further details.

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At LC Homes, we strive to ensure your continued happiness and comfort in your new home. We ask that you have lived in your home for 30 days before requesting non-emergency warranty work to be completed. We also ask that you submit your final warranty request 30 days prior to the 1 year anniversary expiring. (Your 11th Month). To determine the age of your home warranty or what is covered under your new home warranty, please, Click Here and use the "My Coverage" tab to see coverage details for your home. In case of Emergency, please reference your specific emergency contact list provided to you at the time of closing

SOS is an online service coordinator that streamlines the way homeowner service requests are received, addressed, and resolved. If you have a warranty concern with your home, Please Click Here to submit any warranty requests if you are in your first or second year of your new home. SOS will help you keep track of what’s covered in your warranty and allows you to send work requests.